KIWAKU. our story


Sometimes it can be quite the task to stay active outdoors in winter when you have small children. Cheering on the bigger one in his ski race, going on a winter hike with the whole family or simply making your way to the bakery after days of incessant snowfall. All these things can easily become a daily challenge in the small village close to Salzburg that we call our home. After our second child was born, I started developing a solution for all of this. 

My goal as a master craftsman for metal fabrication was to create a product from light metal that is not only practical and easy to use, but also durable and highly functional. That is how, in winter 2017, the first prototype of sled runners for strollers came into being. Our personal experience combined with the enthusiastic reaction of others motivated me to develop KIWAKU further. We already spent countless hours outdoors with our own KIWAKU, and I am very happy to make the same possible for you and your family.

KIWAKU. because we love snow!

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