KIWAKU. the product



Well-thought-out design

KIWAKU is known for its fantastic functionality and can be adapted to all common models of strollers thanks to its smart design.

To ensure that KIWAKU can be used with strollers with varying track width of the front and back axle, the front wheel(s) of your stroller rest on the crossbar.

In addition to that, the crossbar can be moved to various positions across the length of the sled runners, allowing the KIWAKU to be adjusted to different wheelbases.

The standard model of KIWAKU can be used for track widths between approximately 51 and 61 cm at the back wheels and between 0 and 61 cm of the front wheel(s).

 Tie-down straps make attaching the accessory to your stroller super easy and allow you to use it with all kinds of wheels. There are two mounting points on your KIWAKU: The fenders or mounting handles at the back end of both sled runners as well as the full length of the crossbar. 

Since your strollers’ brakes do not work once it is mounted on the KIWAKU, a safety leash is included in each shipping. Simply use a cow hitch to attach the safety strap to the handlebar of your stroller as well as your wrist. The safety leash doubles as a carrying strap, making transportation even easier.

Rubber wheels are attached to the back end of both sled runners allowing you to cover short distances on solid ground. This is very useful if the winter hiking trails or snow fields you are walking cross a street.

The sliding surfaces of the sled runners are equipped with stabilizing stainless steel components that ensure your stroller doesn’t drift off to the side when you are crossing hilly terrain.

The crossbar consists of two asymmetrical parts which are joined by a robust hinge, allowing you to fold your KIWAKU and significantly reducing its size. In addition, you can adjust the frictional resistance of the hinge thanks to the regulating screw. Once you unfold your sled runners, secure them with a toggle latch.

Product Specifications

3D Model
  • Dimensions open (operational)
    L x W x H in cm
    108 x 61 x 9
  • Dimensions folded (transport)
    L x W x H in cm
    108 x 35 x 14 cm
  • Weight
    3 kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity
    100 kg
  • Materials
    Powder-coated Aluminium/ Stainless Steel
  • Material/ Dimension of the integrated wheels
    Solid rubber/ 8 cm
  • Accesories
    4 x Tie-down straps
    1 x Safty leash

KIWAKU. because we love snow!

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